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clicking on a personProtect yourself from online identity thieves.

We often talk about threats to business infrastructures, but the point stands that these same threats make advances on individuals as well. If enough personally identifiable information is stolen, a hacker could completely lift the identity of a user to take out loans, hijack credit card numbers, and even infiltrate social media accounts to further spread their influence. The result could be a ruined credit score and a damaged reputation--a major problem for anyone, not just the business owner.

ransomwareUnderstanding Ransomware

What You Need to Know About the Malware that Hits Your Data, and Then Your Wallet

Cyber criminals have no shortage of tools at their disposal in their attempts to abuse and take advantage of those they set their sights on. Recently, however, it seems that more and more of them select ransomware as their weapon of choice. Knowing what ransomware is, and how to avoid falling victim to it, is critical to a business’s survival. Fortunately, this particular malware has a few distinct characteristics that make it relatively simple to identify and describe.

IT for Accountants

accounting itISTN offers technology solutions to meet the needs of today’s money managers

Accountants are some of the most important people associated with a business; and, many of them aren’t employed by that business. Accountants are responsible for the collection, accuracy, analysis, recording, and presentation of a business's financial operation. While it doesn’t take a lot of high tech business solutions to balance a ledger, the use of today’s most dynamic cloud-based financial resources can present many benefits for accountants.

IT Solutions for Retail Businesses

retail itISTN provides technologies built for the modern retail business.

New technologies have begun to obscure the place where the traditional brick and mortar storefront ends and the dynamic online storefront begins, changing the industry substantially. If your company is searching for an IT provider that can help you develop both ends of your organization’s retail , ISTN is your answer.

Google Workspace - Productivity in the Cloud

gsuiteGoogle has rebranded their Google Apps. ISTN is now proud to present Google Workspace.

Google Workspace, with Google Drive, brings all the benefits of cloud computing to your small business. By having Google host your files securely in the cloud, your work will always be saved and backed up. You can also share your work with the specific people on your team that you give permission to, while blocking access from everybody else.

With Google Workspace, locations and computing platforms are no longer barriers for getting work done. Google Workspace works on multiple different platforms, and is available on different mobile devices and web browsers. Everybody on your team does not have to have the same software and be in the same place to collaborate on a project with Google Workspace.

draasDisaster Recovery as a Service

New options to help your business sustain itself should disaster strike.

Disaster recovery has moved to the cloud, and now you can leverage this solution to ensure that your files are protected and that your operational downtime is kept to a minimum. At ISTN we’ve been South Florida and New York ’s leader in backup and recovery solutions for some time, and now we can offer your organization a solution that will work to protect your business from the lost revenue that typically accompanies a data-loss event.

conferencingConferencing and Collaboration

ISTN has technology solutions designed to improve cooperation and collaboration.

The modern business needs to be able to leverage their tools, resources, and network connectivity to improve its productivity. At ISTN, we understand that today’s business is a mobile business, and we can help South Florida and New York businesses procure communication and conferencing solutions that will allow for enhanced levels of productivity and greater inter-departmental synergy.

printer and copier supportPrinter and Copier Support

Reduce your printing cost, increase your efficiency, and improve your document security.

Reliability. It’s a word that isn’t normally synonymous with printers and copiers, but at ISTN, our technicians understand that since these products can often be fickle, having access to expert support for them is important. Our technicians are trained in the installation and support of copy, print, scan, and fax solutions, providing your staff with the skills it needs to take control over machines that often seem to have a mind of their own.

automationUnderstanding Automation - How We Leverage Automated Services

The strategic use of automation allows us to protect your business from harm.

Business technology is the bane of the modern worker. No matter how well-intentioned the members of your staff are, when they have computer troubles, it complicates everything they are trying to accomplish. This, in turn, complicates every goal you are trying to accomplish.

The automation of IT service delivery gives you a direct line to a stronger business by streamlining the services that your customers rely on. This is accomplished by removing downtime from the equation, while also securing your data and protecting your infrastructure. Since we only automate repeatable and routine tasks, it makes it so we can provide a comprehensive IT management service for an affordable monthly rate.

it staffing servicesISTN’s Staffing Services

Helping organizations find the right pieces for their needs.

As a solutions provider, we pride ourselves on helping organizations mitigate their operational problems. One of the major problems most organizations have is finding the talent they need to make their endeavor a success. Not all positions are created equal and sometimes the difference between relevance and insignificance is filling a key position with just the right person.

amazon web servicesAmazon Web Services

Dynamic and secure cloud platforms proven to work for business.

As a member of the AWS Partner Network, ISTN makes available custom-purpose, enterprise-level cloud solutions to South Florida and New York businesses. Thanks to the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, we are able to leverage one of the world’s most powerful cloud computing resources to help your business build an efficient, secure, and reliable cloud solution.

human resources as a serviceHuman Resources as a Service

A full-service HR department delivered for a low monthly rate.

If your business is growing, you won’t be surprised to find that the number of challenges you have to overcome compound over time. From hiring to firing, from payroll to administrative support, the human resources department is an integral aspect of a thriving business. ISTN has made a name assisting South Florida and New York businesses build efficiency through technology, and now we offer a service that is designed to help organizations that are having a problems with their administrative processes.

data warehousingData Warehousing

Manage your data in a way that can help your business thrive.

ISTN technicians work hard to protect our clients’ data. Our tried-and-true practices and expert technical knowledge have kept the data of several South Florida and New York business’ safe and secure. With the expense associated with data security and redundancy, wouldn’t it be great if the data did more than just sit there waiting for someone to access it?

asset trackingAsset Tracking

Managing your business’ assets provides several key benefits

For the modern business to maintain efficiency, choosing the right software to fit your needs is more important than ever. As a result, many organizations look to piece together a comprehensive software strategy using several technologies. For the business that has a lot of moving parts, asset tracking software, as a part of a larger asset management strategy, can bring enhanced efficiency to what can be a very difficult-to-manage situation.


Make Any Server a Cloud Server.

At ISTN, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide South Florida and New York businesses with the right technology services to fit their needs. Many businesses today have begun to incorporate public cloud computing services as they look to manage technology costs and see rapid and sustainable returns off of their technology investments. Our Centrestack cloud computing solution allows any organization to “cloudify” their current onsite IT infrastructure, saving organizations the often substantial costs thatf implementing their own secure private cloud solution can present.

architect engineer itIT for Engineers and Architects

Professional IT management for those who invest, design, build, and maintain our infrastructure.

ISTN is proud to provide our South Florida and New York clients with comprehensive managed IT services. For architects and engineers, leveraging today’s most robust technologies is now a matter of fact. The industry has come a long way from relying on T-squares. As a result, ISTN delivers technology solutions and support that allow today’s architects and engineers to build the infrastructure we all rely on.

gdprUnderstanding General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

In April of 2016, the European Union Parliament and Council voted to replace Data Protection Directive 95/46/ec and enact an overreaching data security regulation named the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The law will go into effect in the May 25, 2018 and be the primary law regulating how businesses protect EU citizens’ personal data. Companies that need to meet the old security directive will need to be in compliance of the new law on that date or face stiff fines and other penalties

supply chain managementLogistics and Supply Chain Management

Inefficiency is a problem and ISTN has solutions.

Data flow is important in all aspects of business. In supply chain management, inefficiencies in the flow of goods, components, or data, can stymie progress and cause costly downtime. ISTN provides technology services and solutions to South Florida and New York businesses and can help the modern manufacturer build a fail-proof supply management system using some of today’s most dynamic business technologies.

access controlAccess Control

Secure your business with reliable access control solutions from ISTN.

The IT professionals at ISTN know that security is crucial for the modern business. That’s why our staff exhaustively works to put together comprehensive risk management strategies that serve today’s business needs. Since many businesses are beginning to turn to technology to secure all aspects of their operations, ISTN technicians have taken to offering technology-based physical security solutions, as well as solutions that protect an organization’s network and data.

virtual desktopVirtual Desktop Infrastructure

A cloud-based computing platform designed specifically for your business.

Today’s workers need more from their computing platforms. They need them to be consistent and redundant and, most importantly, available from wherever they are. At ISTN, we offer a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform that can transform your business by providing the custom computing interface, application deployment, and cost reduction that is attractive to both the modern company, and the modern worker.

virtual ciovCIO - Powerful Technology Strategies

Let ISTN lead your technology initiatives with our vCIO services.

ISTN’s vCIO services present an angle that many smaller organizations lack, a dedicated technology officer. With technology being as large of an expense as it is, it is important that an organization’s technology budget is utilized effectively. For enterprise businesses, the role of the CIO is an executive-level position that carries with it a great deal of influence how these massive organizations spend their technology capital.

eManagement Services

EManagement - Effective Project Management

Building more effective organizations through comprehensive project management.

Nothing is more frustrating to the modern business owner than unfulfilled expectations. The completion of projects is a big part of business growth. If you are having problems with the completion of your business’ projects, ISTN’s IT professionals can provide you with a solution via our e-management platform.

business intelligence

Business Intelligence Strategies

Make more informed business decisions.

You may think you know your business’ operations like the back of your hand, but wouldn’t it be advantageous to be sure? With ISTN’s Business Intelligence strategies, your organization can leverage our team of IT professionals to design and build a comprehensive business intelligence platform to completely change the way you look at your business.

assessmentBusiness Computing Assessment

An expert inspection of your organization’s IT can get you started toward a better business.

If your business relies on information systems to function, and most businesses today do, you know just how quickly situations can arise with your IT. By having the experienced IT professionals at ISTN do a thorough assessment of your entire IT infrastructure, including onsite and cloud-based hardware and software systems, networking equipment, printers and copiers, and data storage facilities, you can get a comprehensive view of how your business works, and how those operations can be made more efficient through strategic improvements and properly managed and maintained business technology.

understanding blockchainUnderstanding Blockchain

The Technology Behind Cryptocurrency Will Do Much More In Time.

There are enough new technologies today that it can be hard to keep up with all of them. One technology that is leaving a lasting mark is blockchain. The technology behind the ever-popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin (and every other cryptocurrency), is quickly becoming a household name.
Here is a brief look into blockchain technology, how it works, and what kind of innovations businesses can use to make it work for them

On Premise v CloudProfitability is less the measure of being able to turn a profit, and more the measure of how much profit you can make. For the successful small business, the integration of technology can dictate what kind of annual margins you are looking at. For the new company, however, it can be something even more critical: the difference between setting a course for success, or wallowing in failure. Today we analyze the cost difference between hosting your IT in-house, or choosing to host it in the cloud.

For this experiment, we’re going to assume that we are starting from scratch. The optimism and cautious excitement that goes into starting a new business endeavor is palpable. Let's assume for our purposes that you’ve determined that you need to support the following applications: 

  • Email

  • Voice over Internet Protocol

  • Line of business applications

  • Productivity applications

  • HR and operations software

  • Storage (enough to support above)

  • File sharing

  • Backup

It’s not hard to ascertain the surface costs of implementing these technologies, but when trying to figure out the total cost of ownership, it may be a little more difficult. Objective comparison of the two platforms has to begin at their core needs. On one hand, In-house computing comes with several, including power, maintenance, management, and redundancy (and the management and maintenance of that platform), while cloud computing may need enhanced bandwidth and redundancy to work for a business. These costs have to be figured in when trying to plan your next steps.

Then there is the question of who is going to use your data, and what kind of protections need to be put in place as a result of that qualification. What compliance regulations does your organization have to meet? How many users does the network and infrastructure have to support? What software do you need to run? There are literally dozens of questions you have to ask before making any definitive decisions about what kind of hardware you are going to need, let alone what kind of hardware solutions you plan on using.


Once you’ve ironed out the particulars, you will then have to make the big choice. Do you want to buy physical hardware, cloud-based hardware, or some combination of both? Let’s analyze all three options:

In-House Computing

The first thing you have to be cognizant of is that once you decide that your organization needs in-house server infrastructure, you have to know that it is going to cost you a pretty penny. In order to support a full-scale communications solution, all the applications your business uses to do business, email, and backup you are looking at a seriously hefty price tag. Not only are you looking at a few thousand dollars per server, costs that are incurred in configuring the servers, warranties, and maintenance to that server could push the cost into untenable territory, especially if there isn’t a good deal of upfront capital available.

Beyond all that there are HVAC and security costs that need to addressed the first time around. The biggest expense, by far, is the cost of management. If you outsource your IT services management to a company like ISTN, you may be able to mitigate some of the recurring costs and get expert management, but ultimately the facts point to on-premise hardware rollouts costing a substantial amount more than utilizing cloud, especially with today’s IaaS costs.

Implementing an in-house server room does provide you with some pretty stark benefits, however. They include complete management over the systems within, the resulting comprehensive data security, and access to data without an Internet connection. It also front-loads the costs associated with the environment, so if the big capital expenses don’t cut into your operational budget considerations, you will be paying less per month. The infrastructure costs (which are fixed costs) and the management and maintenance of it, and operational costs (that are very often variable), all have to be taken into consideration, as does your organization’s regulatory compliance needs.

Cloud Computing

For the start-up that doesn’t have any overreaching data compliance issues, utilizing cloud computing is a no-brainer. Not only are there limited set up costs, there are so many different service-based computing plans that it is now possible to strictly use the cloud for all of your organization's central computing.

For the established company, it may be a little more difficult, so before we go “all hail the cloud!” on you, we have to admit that there are plenty of considerations you have to make if you were to go ahead with a completely virtualized computing infrastructure for your business. Here are a few:

  • Migration Time and Cost: Getting started with cloud computing may not come with the enormous capital costs that an inhouse server would, but there is cost, especially if you are migrating data. For an established business to move from physical servers to cloud infrastructure there is a substantial investment. It takes a lot of bandwidth and time to move all if an organization’s data over, and in doing so, you will likely incur a fair amount of cost.

  • Dependability and What Uptime Really Means: Cloud providers like to measure their effectiveness in uptime; and, in doing so, don’t properly represent what customers want from their cloud provider. Businesses need ubiquitous access to data and applications stored on a cloud construct, and sometimes that can be a problem. The VM running the server may be up, but if there isn’t access to critical information and applications, a business deals with their own downtime, which is a major problem.

  • Problems Estimating Costs: The cloud’s cost to a business seems simple enough, but a lot of business owners do a poor job of estimating the true cost of the service. With cloud computing pricing costing businesses so many cents-per-service-unit, they often fail to multiply this cost over months and years. By moving the least utilized applications over first, a company can save more money than just moving it all over at once.

  • Trusting Your Architect: Well before cloud implementation, a company would have a cloud architect make them a map (of sorts) so that decision makers can see how the data flows. A problem arises when you’ve trusted the plan and mid-implementation, the migration team wants to change everything. To avoid a complete cloud migration failure, your best bet is to consult with the architect to make certain that everything goes to plan.

  • Cloud security: For companies that migrate over to the cloud, they will have to know beforehand that all of the solutions they had deployed to protect their systems from threats are probably not going to be deployed by the cloud provider. As a result, it may initially feel as if the cloud construct is lacking security. Hiring a third-party to test your security will go a long way toward alleviating (or reaffirming) the concerns you may have about your cloud’s security.

As costs go, it’s pretty evident after considering all the factors, that deploying new infrastructure is always going to be costly. An organization can save money by moving to the cloud as long as the migration is done properly and meets all the file sharing, data security, and deployment needs that an organization has. In fact, most organizations have some sort of cloud project on the books for this very reason. The benefits outweigh the detriments for a lot of what companies do.

The Hybrid Approach

Nowadays, the Hybrid Cloud approach is becoming more popular. As data regulations increase and legacy software is still mightily functional, the best option is often to deploy both a cloud platform and keep an on premise server. Essentially, finding ways for the two to work in unison is called a hybrid cloud. While this seems like a match for nearly every business, it comes with a great deal of design and implementation headaches, and can cause significant cost overruns.

In order to design and deploy an effective hybrid cloud, you first have to know what the potential pitfalls can be. Two include:

  • Utilization uncertainty: When moving part of an organization’s data and infrastructure to the cloud, there should be a baseline of utilization that is acceptable. If you overplanned for cloud utilization, you could be looking a pretty hefty bill in the face for computing resources your organization will never use.

  • Development costs: The two computing constructs often won’t “play nice” and as a result you may be looking at substantial development costs during the integration. These costs are variable and are difficult to plan for, so like everything else IT, plan to spend more than you will and you won’t be left disappointed.

 To solve the challenges that come with significant hybrid cloud costs, many organizations will abandon the idea, but really it’s about simplifying the whole process. New strategies, practices, and products are being formed that will simplify the hybrid cloud process, while allowing an organization to get the most out of their IT infrastructure. It won’t be long before there will be hybrid cloud services that will marry the two ends into one secure and dynamic IT infrastructure. Until then, however, controlling your computing costs, no matter the platform, will take careful consideration and thoughtful planning.

 At ISTN, we have years of experience designing, implementing, managing, and supporting powerful IT infrastructures for businesses of all sizes. To learn more about cloud computing, including hybrid cloud implementations, reach out to us today.



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Understanding the numerous regulations your business must comply with can be an arduous and expensive task for small-business owners. The average small-business owner is estimated to spend at least $12,000 every year on average dealing with regulations, not to mention the dozens of hours spent ensuring that your company meets the standards of those regulations. Educating yourself on what your company needs to do in order to comply is necessary in today’s society to ensure compliance - or noncompliance - costs don’t sink your business.

We at ISTN want to help ease some of the burden that these regulations put on your company. To help, I would like to point you to a blog article on our website that discusses the issue of compliance in detail. We care about your company, and want to make sure that you don’t have to shoulder this burden alone.

You can read that article here: LINK

I’m available to answer any questions you may have about controlling your compliance situation. I can be reached at (305) 944 9611 - EXT, so please don’t hesitate to give me a call so we can chat about your company’s compliance burden and what ISTN can do to help.





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Facebook: The average small-business owner is spending at least $12,000 every year dealing with regulations. Are you prepared to handle the cost of compliance? LINK


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Twitter: Regulations are costly for small-businesses. Make sure your organization is prepared to handle the cost: LINK


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LinkedIn: Ensuring that your small business is compliant with all applicable regulations is a complicated and expensive (but necessary) process: LINK



Data Commodity 217617952The late American author Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, “New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth. The more truth we have to work with, the richer we become.” Written in the 20th century, it has been put in practice by 21st century businesses. As the Internet has grown, the amount of companies expanded, and the amount of data that those companies collect has grown exponentially, especially now that there is a market for such data.

Today, many of the largest and most lucrative companies in the world, Google, Apple, AT&T, Amazon, Verizon, Facebook and Microsoft are all, more than manufacturers of computer-based goods and services, data brokers. These data brokers create services that they then sell to advertisers that allow them to target you based on the information these companies have of you, which can accurately tell how and what to sell you.

Since nearly everyone has a near-ubiquitously-connected experience there is a lot of data collected, bought, and sold every year and it’s big business. Facebook, a company whose main revenue stream is from selling advertising, made a net profit of nearly $16 billion in 2017. This tells us that if you have people’s data, you have people’s hopes, fears, and dreams, which means you can pretty easily get someone to pay you for access to that information.

For small businesses it’s much less lucrative. In fact, all the data your organization needs to keep, is probably necessary to simply do business, not to sell to advertisers. Facebook voluntarily gets a lot of personal information from every one of their users, as where the typical small business often has to strategize to just get a name and a phone number. The information that is sensitive (mostly customer information that you collect) has a lot of value to the people looking to steal it. So while you aren’t making billions of dollars selling consumer profiles, it is still a mightily important part of doing business, and needs to be secured.

Is Data a Commodity?
Technically speaking, it isn’t. Since a commodity’s value is based namely on its scarcity and the amount of capital that needs to be put up to create it, in both resources and labor, the data that is being purchased isn’t really a commodity. In lieu of the dissolution of the U.S. Net Neutrality laws, this has created the argument in the U.S. that since now it’s up to the telecommunication companies how they want to manage (or more accurately bill) data consumption, that they would throttle and tier service, something that isn’t possible with a true commodity, where there are laws prohibiting those types of practices.

On the other hand, Internet access is something that a majority of the commerce requires, and delivering data is in itself an expensive endeavor (infrastructure spending, development, utility costs, etc.) so telecoms, who are seeing their would-be profits syphoned by over-the-top content providers, and publicly demonized as a result of a very public lobbying effort to gain control of the ability to implement some sort of prioritization strategy, have to find a strategy to sustain their ability to get a workable return on their investments.

Securing Your Organization’s Data
Regardless of what your view of data is, it’s an important resource for your organization, and as mentioned above, it needs to be secured. For one of your company’s most important resources, data can be lost relatively easily, so there needs to be a concerted effort to keep your network and infrastructure free from the threats that could put your data at risk. At ISTN, that’s what we do. We ensure organizations like yours get the professional IT expertise you need to work efficiently, effectively, and securely in what is the most turbulent time in computing history. With the litany of threats your business faces everyday, you need experts that have your back. We offer:

  • Backup and disaster recovery: With a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery system in place, all of your organization’s data is safe, redundant, and able to be restored on demand.
  • Proactive monitoring and management: By keeping a dedicated eye on your network and infrastructure, our technicians can be proactive.
  • Patch management: By keeping all of your organization’s software up to date with the latest threat definitions, you can ensure that your software isn’t going to be a problem.
  • Access control and threat detection: By having full control over who can access what, and a complete view of the entire network, we can keep people who aren’t supposed to see certain information from accessing it.
  • Training: Most times, your own staff is responsible for data breaches and malware. We can train you all on what to look for to ensure that you are doing your best to keep your network and infrastructure free from threats.
  • Around the clock support: If three out of every four businesses deal with phishing emails, and over 95 percent of all phishing emails deliver ransomware, chances are that if a mistake were to be made, you will need immediate IT support. Our support and help desk can remediate a lot of your security issues to keep downtime to a minimum.

With data such a major part of doing business today, ensuring you have the right solutions and support in place to be confident that any situation you face will be managed before it becomes a problem is in itself a benefit. Call ISTN at (305) 944 9611 for more information.


mobility managementMobilize your business today.

At ISTN, we understand that, in some way, mobility is a major pain point of your business. However, enterprise mobility is a comprehensive subject that must address more than just the management of applications on your devices. A Enterprise Mobility Management solution is geared toward helping your organization better understand, manage, and secure your mobile systems. We’ll work with you to ensure that your enterprise mobility management solution keeps your devices in check.

access deniedAccess control is a crucial part of an organization's physical and virtual security.

The modern business owner or technology-minded executive has a responsibility to find solutions that enhance the security of their company’s assets. Whether your business needs a system to manage its employees access to data, or solutions to improve its physical security, the IT professionals at ISTN can design and deploy a comprehensive, end-to-end security solution to fit your needs.

understanding shadow itUnauthorized software can be a major pain for network administrators.

When a business sets out to add to their IT, they often choose the solutions based on their immediate needs. This is because when trying to look to the future an organization cannot know what obstacles will pop up. For this reason your organization’s IT department, whether you have in-house IT technicians or you utilize managed IT services from ISTN, has to be the ones that handle the implementation and management of your crucial IT.

residential computer repairResidential Computer Repair

Your One-Stop Shop for Your Technology Repair Needs

Nowadays, you would be hard-pressed to find a household that doesn’t have some sort of new technology. From smart televisions to Internet connections, technology is seemingly everywhere you look. At ISTN, we understands that as technology goes, your life goes; and, that when your technology malfunctions, you need to be able to trust your IT repairmen. Look no further than ISTN for the comprehensive computer repair services you need to get your computer back up and running quickly.

education itIT for Education - Expand Your Students' Horizons with Reliable IT Solutions

Utilize today’s greatest technology solutions to educate the professionals of tomorrow.

The use of technology in education keeps improving every year. The more that educators depend on technology solutions to provide their students with the newest technology solutions, the more cost effective support they will need. At ISTN, we understand that every academic institution has unique challenges they face to provide their students with an education that they can use to be productive members of society. With all types of hardware, software, networking, and other IT-related products, as well as South Florida and New York ’s most knowledgeable IT professionals, ISTN is your one-stop shop for all of your educational technology needs.

mobile device repairMobile Device Repair - Your One-Stop Shop for Mobile Device Maintenance and Support

ISTN offers comprehensive mobile device repair

Smartphones are everywhere and ISTN, South Florida and New York ’s computer repair experts now offer a dedicated repair service for organizations that rely on mobile computing. Businesses that embrace mobility have to try to limit, or avoid, the extensive capital expenses that accompany purchasing new hardware. As a result, we service and support smartphones, tablets, and other pieces of mobile technology that run Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

server careProfessional Server Support - Proactively Protect Your Central Infrastructure

Aggressively Mitigate Potential Threats with South Florida and New York ’s Most Proficient Technicians on Your Side

Your servers are the center of your organization’s computing infrastructure, and need special attention to keep your operations coordinated and moving efficiently. ISTN offers comprehensive support for all of your organization’s IT, but specializes in remote and on-site server management and remediation services. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians monitor and manage your servers, ensuring that they run efficiently and aren’t exposed to threats that could put your organization at risk. We provide this service for a monthly flat rate, eliminating the per-incident charges that would normally hinder your organization’s overall ability to remain profitable.